Ceiling mounted — frameless

„An escape sign luminaire, reduced to the essentials“ – these were the specifications for our designers and developers. Through the puristic design of the escape sign panels without visible housing components a great product was created.

The escape sign panels can be integrated in different carrier materials thanks to a totally new connector system and therefore adapt perfectly and discreetly to the existing architecture. As standard for ceiling mounting of escape sign panels there are a series of 4 different mounting types available: besides the usual built-in casing respectively surface mounting housing the escape sign-panels can also be plugged in a frameless ceiling recessed housing or through the ceiling construction.

Mounting boxes for exposed concrete made of stainless steel respectively prefabricated dry construction elements guarantee a clean look in case of mounting in concrete, bricks, wood, plasterboard or sheet metal.

Category: Emergency sign-panel

Mounting: Ceiling mounted