Due to the attic extension, the installation of an elevator in the residential and commercial building became necessary. The historical staircase remained and the modern elevator construction was installed inside the revolving stairway. The solution with safety lighting replaces as energy-saving illumination the lamps in the staircase.

The LED-luminaire range String ARC could be adapted optically to the environment with the corresponding black shade and therefore integrated into the elevator strut uniformly. Invisible, but effective and corresponding to the official specifications, the illumination of the escape route is made through the light directing laser optics of the String-LED-Stripes. The smallest String-LED-light panel was mounted in the lateral facing shell identifying the escape route discreetly and non-protruding as possible. The installation of the luminaire housing flush with the wall and the project specific adaption on the escape route pictograms also corresponded to the desire of the architect.

Electrical planner: ELTEC Elektroplanung
Electric company: Expert Lanzerstorfer